Becoming a nursing professional isn’t for everyone.  

First, the course of study can be rigorous. A nursing degree means studying subjects such as anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nutrition, medical terminology, clinical laboratory techniques, and infection control procedures — just to name a few.

Second, the work can be incredibly demanding physically and mentally — never more so than during the pandemic. Nursing professionals are on their feet for long hours, and they work with individuals who may be in highly emotional and vulnerable conditions. They have to help others manage their emotions, even while trying to manage their own. 

So make no mistake: Nursing professionals are smart, hard-working, and incredibly resilient. They also have one more key characteristic that sets them apart — nurses have huge hearts. 

How do we know? We hear incredible stories about our nursing staff all the time.

One example. A head nurse at one of the nursing homes we serve contacted us to say how thankful she was for a Gale Healthcare nurse who worked there. This head nurse had her own mother as a patient at the facility, but because she herself had so many responsibilities, she wasn’t able to be at her mother’s bedside during what turned out to be her final hours. The Gale nurse was there throughout the day, checking on her, talking quietly and holding her hand.  Her actions provided immeasurable comfort to this mother, but also to the daughter who was grappling with her loss. When our CEO heard and called to personally thank this nurse, her response was simple, “Mr. Braswell, I appreciate the call. But this is what I do every day. I care for my patients.”

In another situation, a facility was struggling to secure staff as a major winter snowstorm was about to hit. Several of our nursing staff arrived, with bags packed ready to stay as long as they were needed.  But a day later, the facility was still in need of help, and roads weren’t passable.  And so one of our determined nurses recruited her brother to drive her there – on his snowmobile.  

More recently, a nursing home administrator reached out to let us know about the extraordinary work of two Gale Healthcare certified nursing assistants. The facility where they worked had been down to a skeleton crew, and in the administrator’s words, “If it hadn’t been for them, I really don’t know how we could have stayed open this weekend.”  She praised their ability to stay calm and provide care to patients even though the workload and stress were so great. 

What do these caregivers have in common? A big heart, for sure. This makes Valentine’s Day the perfect time to recognize this exceptional trait that makes such a difference for so many people every day of the year.

To all the dedicated caregivers who work so hard and selflessly to ensure no person goes without care, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

Chief Nursing Officer
Gale Healthcare Solutions