Tony Braswell

President and Founder

Tony launched Gale Healthcare in 2016 to overcome challenges with traditional healthcare staffing. After 25 years in the industry, he knew firsthand how old-school nurse staffing models and traditional healthcare staffing agencies were contributing to a national problem — a shortage of nursing professionals to provide patient care. Recognizing the power of on-demand apps and the rise of the gig economy, he led a team in developing technology to address this problem: the Gale app that connects available caregivers to facilities with unmet needs. Tony began his career as a computer programmer with Tampa General Hospital, and later joined a national recruiting firm. These experiences, and subsequent ownership of his own staffing company, informed his vision for Gale and a profoundly better system for meeting the needs of healthcare workers, healthcare facilities, and the patients who depend on them for care. Tony has been married to his wife, Wendi, for 28 years, and he is proud to have his two sons, Logan and Avery, working as part of Team Gale.