Tony Braswell, CEO of Gale Healthcare Solutions, a Tampa-based healthcare technology company, recently appeared on the tenth episode of the Elevate Today Podcast. Hosted by Elevate Inc. CEO Aakash Patel, the Elevate Today podcast showcases outstanding entrepreneurs and business and community leaders.

If you haven’t already heard of their important work, Gale Healthcare is using technology and pay innovations to help solve a national problem – a shortage of nursing professionals to provide patient care.  Modelled after Uber, Amazon and other on-demand platforms, the Gale app allows healthcare facilities to list open shifts and empowers nursing professionals to immediately accept shifts that fit their schedule – at the click of a button.  Gale Healthcare Solutions is leading its industryin another significant way by offering its staff daily pay.

Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Gale Healthcare Solutions currently has 180 employees in the area. This year, Gale was a finalist for the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year award and selected to present at the 2020 Florida Venture Capital Conference.

Tony shared a family experience that inspired him to launch Gale Healthcare Solutions. In 2016, he was running a small healthcare staffing company in Tampa when a notification of his son’s online purchase of a bottle of ketchup revealed how the same technology could be used to address a much more urgent need – nursing staff for healthcare facilities. Tony went on to describe the everyday challenges of traditional staffing practices and the serious shortage of one million nurses that is currently impacting healthcare facility managers, healthcare workers and patient care. Having grown from 100 nursing professionals in the Tampa area in 2016 to nearly 21,000 in 34 states today, the Gale Healthcare Solutions business model is proving to be highly scalable and part of the solution to this national healthcare crisis.

For Tony, ensuring people have quality care is personal. He talked with Aakash about how a  cancer diagnosis at age 26 affected his approach to life and business. Along with supporting the American Cancer Society, he discussed his interest in developing educational programs to train more nursing professionals. Lastly, Tony talked about the exponential growth of Gale and their ambitious goal of providing care to 34,000 patients a day in 2021.

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