This week marks a special time in the history of Gale Healthcare – our 5 year anniversary.  As we mark this milestone, I’d like to share five achievements that I think best reflect the important differences we’ve made: 

  • We’ve provided care to more than 12.5 million people. Before Gale, our small staffing company provided care to about 700 people a day. Today, that number has grown to more than 25,000 individuals. These are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends and neighbors who are not able to fully care for themselves and are counting on someone to walk in the door. Thanks to Gale, many more people can get the care they deserve.
  • We’ve given nursing professionals more reasons to stay on the job. America has a serious nursing shortage. We know we can’t fix that quickly. But we can give more nursing professionals more options that might lead them to continue working in this field that needs them so desperately. Every day, we provide nurses and nursing assistants with more choices as to where and when they work, and for how they are paid. For many, this has been life-changing, allowing them to take care of their own needs while also taking care of others.
  • We’ve earned the trust of thousands of facility managers across the country. I’ll never forget sitting down with the first facility manager and showing her the Gale app. Convincing her that this approach could fix her staffing headaches was one of the most important steps in this journey. Our healthcare partners are busy, stressed and have little time or energy to manage change. But once we succeeded in that first facility, the word started to spread and today we serve thousands of facilities all across America. And now we’re expanding to other settings that face similar staffing challenges, including hospitals and ambulatory service centers. 
  • We’ve helped the country address one of the largest crises ever to hit healthcare. If someone had described the COVID-19 pandemic before it hit, I would have looked for another line of business. And yet with guidance from our excellent Clinical team, development of new processes to track the latest requirements, testing and health of our caregivers, and a committed team that has worked just as hard at home as in the office, we have risen to the challenge. Since March 2020, we have sent caregivers to cover hundreds of thousands of open shifts during one of the worst health crises our country has ever faced. 
  • We’ve changed our industry for the better. To the best of our knowledge, we were the first company to offer an on-demand app for healthcare staffing. As a recent report on the global temporary staffing industry showed, Gale Healthcare is now widely recognized as an industry leader, one that is improving life for more and more individuals every day. Other companies are now adopting the Gale model, and we welcome their help in addressing the large and growing need for nursing professionals.

As we look toward the next five years, we are focused on providing more ways to support caregivers, facility managers, and other healthcare professionals.  We are driven by a single mission that inspires each of us every single day – ensuring no person goes without care.