TAMPA, Fla – Gale Healthcare Solutions, LLC today announced expansion of its software licensing service that gives healthcare staffing companies access to the workforce management and payment technology that has allowed Gale Healthcare to increase its service capabilities exponentially. Gale Healthcare also announced a new license agreement with Caring Hands Staffing, LLC in Seattle, Washington.

“Having seen the power of our technology to fill open shifts quickly, reliably, and on a national scale, we want to give others in our industry access to this proven tool as well,” said Tony Braswell, Gale Healthcare President and CEO. “We are excited about our new partnership with Caring Hands, and look forward to partnering with other healthcare staffing firms, so more open shifts get filled and more people get the care they deserve.”

“For the past five years, we’ve served long-term care and other healthcare facilities in the greater Seattle area using conventional staffing tools and approaches,” said Carolyne Nderitu, LPN and the CEO of Caring Hands, LLC. “Gale Healthcare’s on-demand technology will allow us to significantly expand our service at a critical time for the industry to provide more patient care.”

Through this licensing service arrangement, healthcare staffing companies are able to utilize Gale Healthcare software to manage recruiting, credentialing, hiring and scheduling, and offer staff same-day pay, a highly-sought feature by a growing number of healthcare professionals.

Since launching in 2016, Gale has licensed its software to a few strategic partners, and determined the greatest benefit for the healthcare industry is to expand this service so more facilities, healthcare professionals, and patients and residents benefit from the power of this innovative staffing platform.

“Incorporating Gale Healthcare’s technology into our operation has been transformational,” said Tony Daviero, CEO of Superior Medical Staffing in Orlando, Florida. “Powered by Gale, our staffing service has grown by more than 1,100%.”

Under a license agreement, healthcare staffing companies have 24/7 access to the Gale desktop and mobile apps that have allowed Gale Healthcare to hire more than 38,000 healthcare professionals and gain the trust of more than 3,000 facilities across 38 states. This technology-based approach enables staffing firms to:

  • Recruit, credential and hire healthcare staff more quickly and easily.
  • Provide their staff with the Gale mobile app that allows them to see and accept open shifts, and check their schedule.
  • Send alerts of open shifts and get confirmations in real-time as shifts are filled.
  • Access all clinician records, including credentials and COVID-19 documents, on-demand.
  • Provide clinicians with same-day pay once shifts are completed.

CONTACT: Sandra German
Director, Communications and Public Relations
(813) 327-4909 | sandra.germann@usegale.com