You’ve been looking forward to summer all year. Whether you’re planning a vacation, more time with family, or simply looking forward to enjoying the warm weather, you might be struggling to make your summertime dreams a reality. If you’re looking for ways to earn some extra money or fit your work schedule around your summer fun, you can find shifts that fit your needs – at your fingertips. On-demand apps make scheduling shifts that work for you and your family quick and easy.

Here are three reasons to consider using an app to find your shifts this summer:

#1. You can set your own schedule. Maybe you have young kids at home, and you’re juggling your schedule with their summer activities. Maybe you have weddings to attend, family to visit or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation opportunity. Whatever the reason, you need flexibility in your schedule this summer. App-based staffing lets you find shifts that fit your needs, even on short notice. You can enter your availability and choose among the options, all without having to stop by or call a staffing company.

#2. You can choose not just when, but where you work. Where’s your happy place? Near the beach? The mountains? Maybe traveling to a city you’ve always wanted to visit? One of the best things about app-based staffing is the ability to choose your location – even if you decide to stay near home. If you’re interested in a job change, app-based staffing gives you the freedom to check out new facilities where you might want to apply.

#3. Get paid quickly. Waiting for payday can be a drag during the summer. What if you want to take a spontaneous weekend trip or have an unexpected bill? Some app-based staffing firms let you get paid the next day or sooner. Plus, you can pick up extra shifts when you need to. With quick pay, you’ll be ready for your July 4 barbecue or your Labor Day getaway before summer’s end.

With Gale Healthcare, You Don’t Have to Settle

Experience the ultimate flexibility in temporary nursing with Gale Healthcare’s app-based staffing. Choose when and where you want to work, and get quick pay. As a W-2 employee, you’ll also be eligible for a range of benefits*, including:

  • Holiday and overtime pay
  • Access to medical, dental, vision and disability insurance options
  • Employer-managed taxes
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Professional liability coverage… and more!

If you’re a nurse or nursing assistant looking for a flexible work arrangement, click below to start or finish your application. Let us help you discover the freedom and flexibility of app-based staffing with Gale!

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*Eligibility for some benefits is based on specific work requirements.